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Scientists have studied and spent hours of guessing the Russian women's’ secret to beauty. Russian women are well-known for their pretty face and slim body. A lot of men around the world have been possessed by the features that make them desirable. While psychologically they are just the same as other women, some reasons on why most Russian women are beautiful is because of their mentality, lifestyle, and traditions.

Healthy Lifestyle

Russians eat less packaged food and more on whole foods. This just means they eat fewer chemicals and take more nutrients from natural food. As Russia’s agriculture developed, Russian girls have the opportunity to take in more vitamins without pesticides. Also, restaurants and fast food chains are not much of a thing in Russia compared to other countries. Alcohol has fewer calories, too. It is in their trend nowadays to be healthy and eat healthily. 

Besides from proper diet, Russian women take their physical activity seriously. They take good care of their figure by having a workout routine and joining a fitness or yoga center. Their daily routine requires more physical movement since most Russians use public transportation in cities, which likely means they have to walk to bus and tram stops, giving these ladies more time to exercise and burn more calories. 

They put beauty first

It may sound absurd, but this is quite true for Russian women. They know that it is part of their duty to look their best for the man to value her. The external beauty, including makeup, a slim body, lovely hair, and fashionable outfit, is what should come first before anything else. They give priority to their looks over their own education and career. Why? They believe those are what distract a woman from her true calling, which is to get married and stay devoted to her family. 

Russian Women’s Genetics

Russian women come from a nice gene pool. They have an uncontrolled mixture of genes and blood from numerous invasions like from the Khazars, Mongolians, Poles, and Lithuanians.  Besides having this beautiful mixture of genes, Russian girls continuously enhance their beauty. It concerns them to look well every time and even pay attention to the smallest details.

Gentle Skin and Great Features

Scientists found that Russians have thicker skin which makes wrinkles appear much at the later stage. Women in western countries, where aging signs is an issue, are more exposed to the sun, while the women in Russia don’t get much of sun exposure. Most Russian women aren’t rich so they come up with better DIYs for their skincare than that of chemical-laden skin care or products. Aside from having beautifu and gentle skin, Russian women faces are more symmetrical due to higher cheekbones combined with their other beautiful-looking features.


Russian women are filled with confidence in almost all aspects - appearance, career, and success. They know how to handle themselves and are persistent to get anything they want. They know how to love themselves entirely, which is a great factor in forming self-esteem. These girls are aware of their unique beauty which adds more to their confidence. So, when you meet these lovely Russian ladies, expect to be welcomed with their confident smiles and aura.

Beautiful In and Out

Aside from having an absolutely pretty face and slender body, Russian ladies are well-known to be loyal lovers, naturally caring, supportive wives, wonderful mothers, and great homemakers. They always put family first over themselves and before anything else. Being naturally beautiful in and out is just one of the many traits on why you should consider dating a Russian woman.

They love to be feminine

This might make you wonder since all women are naturally feminine, right? Wrong. We live in a very different generation today where women are becoming more strong, open, aggressive, and independent. Women are working for occupations that were thought to be positioned only for men. This just means that not all women cherish their femininity. 

For Russian Women, feminity is a way to prove they are wife material. They mostly despise feminists since they believe they prioritize career over family. Russian women are just unique because they can be beautiful and feminine at the same time to make their man feel more superior. They are naturally submissive to their husbands. You can count on them as your supporter and your perfect wife and mother to your children.

They compete with each other

Russian girls fiercely compete with each other. It is in their instinct to compare themselves to other Russian women passing by. They would evaluate how other females look and dress up. When it comes to beauty, they would like to come on top. This may sound ridiculous but, if you look at it, they just value how they look since they believe that one of the roles of a woman is to look her best, especially to her man, for her to be deeply valued. This kind of mentality just pushes them to improve themselves, and thus become better.

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