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Russian women are known as the most beautiful in the world, but those faces that can attract every guy mean that they won’t come easy. Russian women are obviously not an easy catch. They can be puzzling and mysterious, so you definitely need to know what to do and how to impress her, especially when you are not Russian. You don't have to be superbly handsome to make a Russian girl fall for you. What matters is your personality and your ability to present yourself. Here are some essential tips on how to behave to impress a Russian woman and eventually win her heart:

Be a Gentleman

Russian men have been taught to be a gentleman since their young. On the other hand, Russian women are taught to expect this kind of treatment from men. There is no doubt every girl loves chivalrous men. If you have this trait, then know that your relationship with her will go a long way and will make her happy. As simple as taking her coat off or opening the door will melt her heart. Romantic surprises and even old-school rules of courting will be your trump card. Just remember: treating her like a lady will make her feel your affection and respect for her, which is a plus point during the courting period.

Radiate Confidence

Confidence looks attractive in everyone. Just like men who are attracted to confident women, Russian women are also highly attracted to men who have high-self esteem. Just be sure not to go too far as it may come out as being arrogant. Be moderately confident and remember that being too shy won’t help you win her. Have smooth gestures, make eye contact, speak with a loud chest voice, and always show her your smile. Reveal the best version of yourself and release that masculine trait.

Be Attentive and a Great Communicator

Russian women are great listeners; therefore, they will need men who will continuously communicate with them. It is in their nature to love personal conversations. You should have excellent communication skills that can make her laugh or at least feel comfortable. Give her little compliments, show her your sense of humor, be polite and kind to her and others. They will most likely pay attention to how you treat strangers, so be on your best behavior. Remember to be attentive to her. They know how important it is to listen to their men, but Russian women also want to be listened to. Pay attention to what she says, what things she likes and dislikes. Be attentive - especially when you’re just starting to get to know each other. Remembering simple things about her shows that you are willing to be closer on a deeper level. Just like remembering and addressing her with her, most likely, “distinctive”. Russian name - this will make her feel that you are actually paying attention to her, and this will make her feel important. Of course, to deepen that mutual bond, consider sharing some personal things about yourself, she will absolutely appreciate it and feel that you trust her.

Be Sincere and Kind

Russian women love men who are not just all talk. She believes actions more than words - this is why you should make your intentions clear through the things you do for her. Let your actions speak about your feelings towards her. Russian girls have a well-developed intuition and can most likely detect whether you are lying or not. So, don't bother to continue pursuing her if you’re not sincere. She will eventually find out the real intention and would prefer it if you’ve been frank with her. Just remember that Russian women know that action speaks louder than words and this is how they realize the real value of your words.

Dress Up

Russian women are known to dress up and make an effort to enhance their physical beauty. One thing that these ladies dislike with Russian men is their lack of attempts to dress up and always opt for a simple look. Women are naturally attentive to details and just being well-dressed can catch their eyes. This doesn’t mean you should dress with expensive items, but rather groom yourself, dress appropriately and sharply, and maintain your looks. Appearing presentable during the date is an immediate plus point. Get dressed in a nice polo matched with formal pants and shoes will give you that clean look that most Russian women prefer. It will also show your efforts of looking good to please her eyes, which will make her feel that you value her.

Make Her Laugh

Women love men who can make them laugh. Russian women are no exemption. Humor is what makes ordinary men stand out from the crowd. Keep in mind that these ladies like meaningful jokes and are profoundly turned off by vulgar comments. It is essential to cheer her up and make her smile because this will make her feel that you are intentionally giving her positive emotions. Showing your silly side to her will reflect your confidence, too. Making her laugh means you’re halfway to success. So, put that good sense of humor into action and get that beautiful Russian girl to fall in love with you. Also, people with a good sense of humor are usually very intelligent, and Russian women love this trait - who doesn’t?

Respect Her

It is hard for a relationship to be successful if there is no respect. A Russian girl expects men to be respectful to her at all times. Some ways to show respect is to listen to what she has to say, be polite, and be attentive. Once she feels this treatment from you, it will instantly make her to like you more. Being respectful will reflect your chivalrous trait, which these ladies highly look for in a man. Some men overdo being confident, but this sometimes cost the woman’s confidence. Dating a Russian woman is not a competition for her to decide who is better, but it is establishing a common ground so both of you would know if you're both compatible with each other.

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