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As lovely as the Russian women's’ face are their names. Although some are a little distinct to one’s ears because of the way they’re pronounced, they are still adorable. If you ever visit the country, expect to meet some Russian girls with some of the names listed below. We compiled some of the famous names in Russia and their meanings.


This name has a questionable origin, either coming from an Arabic word for “illustrious,” from the Germanic name Adeline or coming from Scotland's Alina. In any case, all of these names have relatively the same meaning which is lightness, nobility, and loveliness. Russian women who have this name has a personality of being a leader - strong and competitive.


This name is of Greek and Slavic origin. The meaning of “Aleksandra” is different among several languages, countries, and cultures. But the main meaning of this name is “Defending men.” She most likely has a personality of being beautiful inside and out - actually, most Russian ladies are known to have this personality, which is just one of the many traits why they are the ideal women to marry.


This feminine name is a derivative of Anastasis, the daughter of Czar Nicholas II who fled during the Russian Revolution. Anastasia means “Resurrection” in Greek. Once a harsh-sounding Russian name, it is now getting a makeover. Anastasia is now a name perceived as an elegant choice for girls.


The name Daria came from three origins - Greek, Latin, and Persian, all having the meaning of “kingly or possess well.” It is also the feminine form of Darius. Another well-known meaning of it is “Ocean” in Kurdish, Farsi, and Turkish language.


This Russian girl name is of Old Russian and Old Greek origin and is usually added to the lists of High-Energy Baby names. It also means “Divine Display” or “God’s Gift,” but it may also give out a different meaning in other countries. It is also believed that people with this name have a more profound inner desire for love and want to work with others to achieve peace.


This is a name of Greek, Bulgarian, and Russian origin which means “peace.” Women with this name tend to be exceptionally attractive with a pretty face and body, but they are mentally engaging, too. 


This is a Christian girl name, and also an English originated name. It has a meaning of “God is Gracious” in Russian and “Gift from God” in Hebrew.  Ivanna is the feminine form of Ivan, which is the Russian form oh John. The root of the names mentioned is from the Hebrew “Yochanan” which translates to “Yahweh” meaning: God is Generous.”  Thus the meaning and being a Christian name.


This name remains to be one of the most widely-used girl names starting in M, worldwide. Maria is derived from the Hebrew Miryan and also an Aramaic, Latin origin. The name is born in the Bible by the mother of Jesus, the son of God. It means “bitter or wished-for child.” 


This Russian name has a warm and earthy feel to it. Katya is of Greek origin which means “pure,” which also has the same meaning in Russia. It is also derived from the Old Greek word “katarios” which means “chaste.”


Nadia is a Russian origin girl name which means hope, tender, delicate, and caller (Swahili).  They are known to have a personality of striving or harmony and peace. They give importance to equality and fairness.


This is a girl name of French origin which means “hope” in Russian, Slavic, and American.  Nadine has a different meaning in German which is “the courage of the bear.” Girls with this name tend to be highly imaginative, idealistic, spiritual, and intuitive. 


This is of Russian origin and is most likely believed to relate to the word pole that to the classic Paul. It is the female form of Apollonian and is also a short form of Apollinariya. They tend to remain independent until they find someone who deserves their love and wisdom. 


This is the feminine version of Tatianus, which is a derivative from the Roman name Tatius. Tatiana is of early Christian-Russian origin. She tends to like dealing with many tasks at once. She is also family oriented and loves having enough time to recharge.


This girl name is of Russian origin and is one of the favorites of people to name their daughter. Varvara is also known to refer to the Greek word Varvaros which means Barbarian. The Greek meaning is “foreign.” This name is also an exotic spin to the name Barbara. People who have this name tend to be robust and very determined.


It is introduced in the late 19th century and is from the Russian word Vjera meaning “faith.” It also coincides with the Latin word vera which means “true.” 


This name continuously being debated as of its origin. Some believe it came from the late Latin “Veraiconica” which is the name of a piece of cloth that has the face of Christ on it. Another possible origin is of the Greek “Berenice” which means “bringer of victory.”

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