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We are aware that there has always been a stigma attached to online dating. A lot of judgements are thrown on dating sites and people who use them. But let’s be real. Nowadays, in the digital world, where almost everything can be done through the help of technologies and the internet, online dating isn’t a bad thing to try, and it has become acceptable.


We were taught to stay away from chatrooms and take precautions while on the internet when we were young. The thought of seeing the online world as having much possible evil and inappropriate encounters were instilled in our minds by our parents. We felt the internet was filled with danger. Though, this isn’t a bad thing because it contributed to us being much wiser when online. Even the internet and other technologies levelled up on their security because of the awareness that danger may be lurking just around the online world.


With stronger security from the online websites themselves and wiser users in the digital age, it is now safer and much acceptable to meet new people online - this includes dating. There are a lot of references on the internet that also give online precautions which everyone has access to. It's still important to stay educated especially when it comes to our safety.


Besides the stigmas attached to online dating itself, there are also fears from the users such as insecurities, worries, disappointments, expectations, and more. But these are all valid fears and are normal. The trick is just to have fun, take risks, and don’t take disappointments too seriously. Online dating is just a medium for you to meet more amazing people, it’s still always up to your mindset whether you’ll enjoy the ride.


If you're still unsure whether you want to give online dating a try or not, here’s why we think you should take the effort, set up your profile, and start meeting new people online.

Reasons to Give Online Dating a Try

You are in charge

From having control over making a good impression of ignoring that undesirable person, you have control over everything. Instead of having to struggle with an awkward pause to reply with something witty, you have the time to think of the perfect reply.


You could also decide whether you want to go all out or be more anonymous about your identity online. If you choose not to upload any photos, then don’t upload them! (But if you want to make the most of your profile and get the attention of more prospective dates, then photos are one of the best ways to catch their attention).


You have your standards, and there is nothing wrong with that. If the person you’re talking to isn’t your type, then you don't have to waste your time with them. You can easily stop replying back or, if they’re insistent, the block button will be of great help for you.

Right online dating sites

There are a lot of online dating sites that focus on some specific niches. If you’re into green living, you will definitely find a dating website for that group of people. If you’re into specific races like Russian women, there are online dating sites that introduce you to these beautiful ladies. This is why finding a possible match online is easy; the mediums used for finding people to date do the work and filters out people who are far from being compatible with you. Explore the internet, and you will find a site that is filled with people who have the same interests or fetish as yours.


When you plan to approach someone in person, you have no idea whether they’ll notice you, and if ever they notice you, you don't know if you will like that person or regret your approach. In online dating, you get to pinpoint what kind of person you are looking for. You get to choose the person while knowing a little more about them, compared to just approaching someone from a bar which you based on looks alone.


Online dating sites have the ability to bring people together who have the same shared interest who are also looking for relationships. Some even have matching tests that can connect you with someone who has a compatible lifestyle and belief with you. Online dating sites give sort of a “compatibility pre-screening” for its users to have a better chance to meet their prospective dates.

Saves you time

Online dating sites can now filter out people who aren't your match. So when someone says online dating is a waste of time, then they got it wrong. Online dating is sort of like a “fast-forward dating”. Before meeting up with people and dating them in person, you get to know them first. You gather personal information from their profile. You can also get the feel of the person while talking to them online and determine whether they’re worth your time.


As people work for long hours most of the days, they may find it hard to squeeze in some time for dating in their busy schedule. In online dating, there’s no need to spruce up and prepare for some hours compared to dating them in person. Just log in on your account anytime and get on with the dating!

Bigger dating pool

One of the biggest problems we face in the ‘real world dating’ is the limited people from our area who we can meet and match with. Although some are lucky enough to find their significant other just from their geographical location, many still feel like they could meet someone better, but they have no idea where to look for them. Online dating allows you to find several candidates at once and see for yourself if they're a possible match through analysing their profiles.


When you look for potential dates online, you will have access to thousands of people. You get to expand your circle and have a lot of prospective matches online. Also, the great thing about online dating is, you can first take a look at the background of the person you are eyeing before you decide to talk to them.

Less pressure

First of all, there’s the pressure of whether you will be liked or not. You easily overthink when attempting to date someone. Good thing, online dating helps in building your confidence. It will help lessen the fear of rejection which gives more courage to men and women to reach out to someone they find interesting.


Online dating allows you to communicate with your matches before you decide to meet them in person. You both have the time to adjust with each other. So, when the coffee-date happens, there’s not so much awkwardness as both of you were already talking to each other online.


Also, matches pop up all the time. This will free you from the worry of having to “make it work” with someone because you know there are other people out there who may be your potential companion for life!

Learn things about yourself

While on the process of online dating, you might even learn a lot about yourself. You might evaluate yourself. Notice if you tend to overanalyze online exchanges? If you have the courage to ask that cute stranger out? You might even be surprised that you are quite a catch because of your inbox being filled with messages from people who want to connect with you.


We learn from everything we do - the same goes with online dating. We talk to different people, see from different views, learn about different perspectives, encounter different cultures, and more. Through these kinds of experiences and exposure, a person can change a lot as they interact with other people, and usually, it leads to a wiser and matured being.

Is Online Dating Really Worth the Try?

Yes. Why is that you ask?


Aside from the reasons stated above on why you should try online dating; this ‘thing’ can benefit you a lot more than you think.


If you're tired of meeting the same kind of person who you don’t eventually end up with, then online dating can help you with that. You can narrow down to someone who may be attracted and interested with you. Online dating makes your dating life easier by putting you closer to individuals who you may click with immediately.


Also, a lot of people who met through online dating sites eventually ended up marrying each other. Research showed that relationships that start online are happier compared to starting in real life. It is worth it to put your time and effort. We suggest you give it a try, and who knows? Your partner for life just might be a click away!

In conclusion…

There are a lot of benefits from dating online, and there’s really no reason for you not to hop online and get started with finding your true love! The trick is just to educate yourself and be aware of red flags that may cause you danger. Other than that, just enjoy the journey and don’t take disappointments too seriously! Meeting new people around the world will open you to different views and will widen your perspectives as you meet different kinds of people. Online dating may still have some stigmas left, but eventually, it will be the norm.

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