Online Dating Tips: Find True Love Online on "Bride online from Russia"

Nowadays, a lot of dating websites and apps have been emerging here and there. Many people are fond of using these and joining the online dating world. This might make you wonder, with a lot of people joining in the wagon, is it still possible to look for that one true love through online dating sites? Is there a secret recipe or is it just down to luck?


Well, the online dating world can be rough and challenging sometimes, especially when you’re just a newbie. But if you’re really determined into finding that one true love online, there are a few tips you can follow to prep yourself and attract someone who can potentially be your partner.

Be positive

One way to turn off potential companions is through negative statements in your profile - this is why a ‘don’t’ or ‘dislikes’ list is not recommended. Remove any negativity from your profile and start focusing on positive statements.


Being positive in the online dating world doesn’t mean you should only show it in your profile, but apply it in your mindset as well. Start with a great attitude because online dating will surely take some of your time and energy. You must be willing to put in the effort and only spread positivity. No one likes a downer. The more positive you stay, the more compatible and positive people you attract.


At times, online dating can also be demanding and gruelling which will put pressure on you and shift your positive vibes into negative. Just open yourself up to possibilities, create a positive profile you're proud of, and don’t take disappointments from the online dating world too seriously. All else will follow until you find someone who is really compatible for you and may be your true love!

Be selective

At some point when you’ve met too many people online, you might realize what you already want. You might realize you’re ready to step up and find a more stable relationship. If you're in this stage, then you might want to take on some few tips in order to attract the right people who can be your potential partner.


First, find the right online dating site for you. Some websites focus on specific niches of interest. Are you a vegan? Are you interested in only meeting Russian women? Do you want to find someone who is a book lover, too? A lot of online dating sites are usually focused on one niche which gives people a higher chance to meet someone who may catch their interest.


Identify the traits you really want from someone and the characteristics you find that may be compatible with you. Write your profile in a selective manner and make sure you show your personality through it as much as possible. Readers will have an idea of what it would be like when they meet you in person.


Also, instead of listing your likes and dislikes, it’s better to write down why you’re looking for such traits. Focus more on explaining the ‘whys’. Besides just showing people what you're looking for, you allow them to know you better. Don’t be afraid of sharing your own thoughts and stories - this is a way to attract the right person and have an instant connection with the right ones.

Have an interesting and engaging profile

Asides from being honest in your profile and listing real facts about you, be aware that people are more attracted to interesting profiles.


When writing your profile, make it engaging as much as possible. Instead of writing straight-up words describing your personality, find ways to really prove you’re that kind of person with that personality. An example is, instead of saying you’re funny, show it by being hilarious in your profile and putting in some funny statements in there that will crack up the reader.


The goal is to show instead of telling. There are various ways to show your personality online - be it from uploading pictures of you playing your sport, showing your creative and poetic writing through your profile, and more.


Don’t own one of those mainstream profiles. If you’re really serious about finding true love online, you should be willing to show your true self out there and be more engaging. People are attracted to people who they feel are open and exciting to be with.

Stop looking for perfection

Striving to find that perfect person can actually be the biggest block for you in finding your true love - you risk overlooking the potential of people you encounter. There’s no such thing as perfection - and if you continue looking for it, there’s a tendency that you will just keep looking and looking. Relationships are meant for understanding each other and accepting someone else’s shortcomings.


It’s normal to experience some challenges in online dating like meeting people who turn out to be the complete opposite of what their profile says. Or dating someone and having no chemistry. This typically scares away people; that’s why they start being picky and start to list down traits they think are perfect for them.


Online dating is an adventure. It’s normal to experience these challenges, and it may even help you change your expectations and accept that some people just don’t stay honest and don’t take the process seriously. View online dating as a fun adventure, and eventually, you’ll meet that person, and it will all be worth it!


Your goal may be to look for someone who is extremely compatible with you, which means you're expecting him/her to have similar likings as yours. You might think that this is the person perfect for you, but the truth is, it may get boring when both of you have the same interests in everything.


It’s better to learn something different from each other. Does he love hiking and you never went on one yet? Does she like to cook and you can’t even prepare one simple dish for yourself? Having different interests will help both of you grow and discover something new about each other! Also, you get to keep your individuality in the relationship instead of both of you being the same person.

Be honest and stay true to yourself

Honesty creates the base level of trust in a relationship, which is one essential key factors for a long-lasting relationship. Lying in your profile is a bad start and will most likely put someone off. Remember, the truth will always come out in the end.


Some people tend to make up stories in their profile because they think it will attract the right people towards them. While you may draw your ideal person, the downside is you’re not being true to yourself, and you’re misleading people. The right person for you is one who will accept all your flaws and embrace who you exactly are, and not the one you made up.


The right person for you will not just accept your flaws but also your physical appearance. Show off your natural beauty by uploading a full-length picture and one that doesn’t have too much makeup on or too much filter.


By being true to yourself, you allow your true colors to shine and eventually will lead you to a person on the same page as yours. This will up your chances of finding someone who will genuinely like you for who you really are.

Build your foundation through a phone conversation

Here’s a quick tip, before meeting up with someone, make sure to get a feel of them through a call. Hear their voice and communicate with them through actual talking. This will help you get the feel of the person and help you figure out if you both have enough chemistry. If you find yourselves having a hard time keeping up with the conversation through a voice call, then it’s a good indicator that meeting in person might just not be worth both of your time. But when you find yourselves talking non-stop, then both of you should really consider meeting up.

Stay active

If you want to step up your game and find love in the online dating world, then you should also level up on your actions. You could join a group of people near you from the online dating site you’re currently in, and take a look at their upcoming activities. Through being more active and engaging in person, you will be able to build new friendships. Who knows? Your true love might actually come from one of these activities.

Learn when to move on

It’s not easy to find someone you can click with immediately. You might even go through a few disappointing meetups, but this is totally normal. If you meet someone who doesn’t display your preferred attributes, then feel free to move on. Don’t have a scarcity mentality and think that maybe no one else will come next.


It’s important that you get to reveal who they really are as a person. Identify if they fit the traits that are important to you by asking follow-up questions as you listen attentively.


Don't just settle with anyone. And to help you with this, follow the tips above to help you attract the right person who may be compatible with you.


You can absolutely meet the love of your life through online dating websites, and many people actually have. Just be sure to have the right mindset and make your own efforts into finding that one true love online.

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