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Online dating can be scary to some at first, but it really is a beautiful way to meet great people. You will get more access to different types of people and have a broader range of options. You will be exposed to different personalities, cultures, and perspectives. You just don’t get to meet new people, but also improve your knowledge about people and, somehow, your communication skills.


Some have experienced satisfying relationships through online dating, and other stories are filled with frustration and confusion. To determine whether which experience you will have matters in your own hands. In the online dating world, you have the power to control your movements, emotions, and how you deal with situations.


While navigating through the waters of online dating, there are things you should know about the online dating world.

You won’t find your perfect match right away

As you know, the online dating world is filled with people from around the world - so it’s rarely, or quite impossible for you to find your one true love’s profile immediately. Instant love connections don’t usually happen. These dating sites only open an opportunity for people to discover who they want to date.


The trick is not to be too serious right away. Allow yourself to have fun - browse profiles that interests you, chat with people, and maybe even meet some of them in person before finally finding someone who really fascinates you. If you take the online dating world too seriously immediately, you might just be disappointed. You should loosen up and get a feel of this dating world. Enjoy your ride!


If you’re serious about finding your perfect match through online dating sites, then there are rules you should keep in mind:


  • Be persistent, if you and the other party didn’t click at first, but you are both interested in each other, then try working it out and maybe soon you’ll both find yourselves getting along well.
  • Commit to your decision. If you are willing to find your partner in an online dating site, then you shouldn't give up easily. Give people the chance to know you and invest enough time in them.
  • Don’t stick too much to your “preferred traits” list. The online world is filled with people you don't know personally, so it's best to keep your standards not too high. Keep your heart open because you never know who you may fall in love with.
  • Meet up in person. If you really feel a connection with someone, and likewise, both of you should meet up and decide then if you want to take the relationship a step forward.


Spend some time setting up your profile

Your profile is most likely the gateway for you to find someone compatible with you or at least worth your time. People from the online dating world judge people and make first impressions through the content of their profile. A quick scan will be enough to make them decide whether to reach out to you or not. So, if you plan to take the online dating world seriously, then you might as well take some serious time into creating an interesting profile.


Also, keep in mind that it is important to stay honest with everything you post. Filling in with some lies means you're not living your truth, which will eventually have you found out which is a major turn off! List down all your genuine interests, and you’ll most likely attract someone who has the same interests as yours!

Pictures are vital to online dating success

Your profile photo is one key element to determine whether you’ll succeed in the online dating world. Pictures say more than what you intended or realized. It’s what becomes your first impression online so be sure to make it friendly and approachable. Great photos can attract someone quickly, and lousy ones are usually skipped by potential matches.


Upload a photo that will clearly show your face and maybe a hint of your personality. Pick one that’s showing your pearly whites - which is one of the most attractive quality in a person. It's also best to be all natural and not put on too much makeup.

It’s important to choose the right online dating site

There are many people out there searching just like you, but one of the major difference online dating app users have is their intention. This is why it’s best to clarify first your goals before joining an online dating site. Do you want something casual or long-term? Do you have a specific interest in races such as just meeting Russian women? Are you vegan and want to look for a partner who has the same lifestyle as yours? There are dating sites for everyone - some are specially made for specific niches of interest.


Research on some famous dating online sites and look for some reviews online. You can also browse profiles from those sites and observe what kind of people are in it. Even try registering in each one and play around a little and get a feel of the site and people. Eventually, you will find one that works for you.

Patience is a must

As the saying goes, patience is always a virtue. This is especially true when it comes to the online dating world, also when you want to look for true love. Newbies tend to get too excited and appear to be eager, which most likely scares off potential matches. It is best to send out messages without expecting a reply. If someone replies, it doesn't necessarily mean they are interested. Keep up with conversations without seeming to be eager for their responses, if the conversation goes on smoothly, then it most probably means the other party is interested in you.


Do not be disappointed when someone you’re talking to suddenly fades away. Don’t dwell on it and think of it as your failure, instead, cut them out and move on. It is better to wait for someone who is genuinely interested in you patiently.

Follow your instincts and stay away from scams

Not all people will seem to be who you thought them to be - this is why you need to err on the side of caution when communicating with someone you don’t know personally. Dating sites can only do so much when it comes to protecting members. It’s on you to increase your level of safety and security in the online dating world.


One way to keep yourself protected from scammers is to follow your instincts. When talking to someone for a long time but they seem to dodge meeting you in person, then that may be because of a reason or they may be lying about something. Also, when someone asks too much personal information which makes you uncomfortable, you can block or report them. It’s better to be safe than entertain and please people you met online. Have fun but always be cautious.

Be transparent and true to yourself

Staying transparent in your profile and conversations will give you a higher chance of meeting someone who’ll be compatible with you. For example, stating facts about you and showing some hints of your real personality will attract people who are genuinely interested in your character. Meeting someone online increases the chances of both parties to have expectations - so being transparent in advance will show your true identity to lessen unrealistic expectations in the future.


When it comes to your intentions, it is best to be upfront. Mention early on whether you are looking for something casual, looking for a possible serious relationship, or just want to have some fun. Just remember to communicate your intentions as early as possible so you won't mislead anyone.


It's never a good idea to fill in your online dating profile with information that may mislead others, and likewise, mislead you to people that aren’t compatible with you. Always remember to be honest when filling out your profile - this way, you will be able to attract people who like the same thing that you do, which gives you a higher chance to find true love.

You can say no without being rude

When it comes to rejection in online dating, most people find it hard to do it while not coming across as rude. The truth is, you shouldn’t feel pressured to write back or decline someone you are not interested in. But if you wish to tell someone “no” without being rude, then compose your message as brief, kind, and direct as possible.


When you have too many people sending you a message, you don’t have to worry about replying back to them and rejecting them one by one. Sometimes, it’s better if you just leave their messages unread.


You might think online dating may not be for everyone, and it may be scary especially for beginners. But with the right mindset and this helpful guide, new users can enjoy the online dating world the right way and find out for themselves why online dating is really worth the try. Remember not to get intimidated by anyone, the power is in your hands - whether you want to talk to them, meet up with them, take breaks, and say yes or no to their requests. Online dating is worth

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