7 Ways To Improve Your Chances of Success in Online Dating on "Bride online from Russia"

More and more people are relying on technology and the internet to do personal errands, help them with their work or fulfil anything personal - including their dating life. The online dating world nowadays is continuously growing while more people are getting successful in finding genuine relationships through these dating websites and apps.


But the online dating world takes two to tango. So, if you want to succeed, you shouldn't just focus on yourself but also make efforts in keeping the other party interested. Here are some tips on how to succeed at online dating.

1. Write an interesting and honest profile

One of the most asked questions of people starting to enter the online dating world is how to create a dating profile? Well, to start, a simple way to make sure your profile looks genuine and interesting is to feel comfortable in your own skin and have the confidence to reveal your real thoughts and feelings. You do not like to write something made up just to attract people then let them realize later on that you aren't the one you described in your profile.


Remember, when you fill your profile with lies, you're not living your truth, and you'll eventually be found out - now that's a major turn off! Being honest will most likely attract people who are attracted by your real personality. Hence the better chances of you meeting someone who may be the right fit for you.


You could also add some humour in your profile content. This is a great way to catch someone's attention - say something funny and memorable that can help you stand out to the right person!


After completing your profile, have a friend look over it and let them make honest comments whether it is a realistic representation of your personality or are you coming across like someone they don't know.

2. Upload warm and welcoming photos

The biggest factor that will determine your success with online dating is your photo. It's most likely the very first thing they will see and notice - so you would want to spend some ample time in choosing your best one yet. First and foremost, be sure the pictures you will upload are your real pictures. And yes, it should also be a recent photo of you. Choose a profile photo that is close-up and with you smiling warmly. Never go for a group photo and make someone figure out which one is you. You might also want to be creative and show a photo that tells a story. Perhaps a picture of you and your dog cuddling - this gives an impression that you're an animal lover, which may be a huge turn on for many!

3. Choose an appropriate online dating site

Know your objective - whether it's finding a serious relationship or just a quick hookup. Some dating sites are known for helping people find love, and some are just for attracting singles who are only in for something not so serious. You wouldn't like to waste your time on dating sites that are filled with people who have the opposite objective as yours.


Some online dating sites focus on specific niches, too. Are you a vegan? Do you want to meet someone who also loves books? Want to find someone who loves trekking just as much as you? Or are you into meeting only specific races such as the well-known beautiful women of Russia?


Do your homework and find out which online dating site is right for you. Visit potential online dating sites you plan to sign up to. Check user profiles and get an overview of what the crowd looks like.

4. Make a positive and clear statement of the kind of person you're seeking

Users usually skim on profiles first before deciding to send them a message. For a better chance to attract people that fits your interest, you may want to include a brief and clear statement of what you're looking for. This should be important character traits and values you're searching for in a partner and not a physical description or income level. Eventually, someone who's reading your profile will fit your requirements and say, hey, that sounds like me! This brief statement will save you and other users' time.


You would also want to keep your statement positive. When you list things you DON'T want in a relationship, you come out as an angry person - that can be a huge turnoff. Keep your profile positive as much as possible. You can slowly deal with the complexities between you and your date later on when you're already in a relationship.

5. Don't respond to every message you receive

You might think that responding to uninteresting messages with a No thank you, but *insert polite reason why you're not interested* is better than just hitting the delete button, then you may be wrong. No one likes to be rejected - especially when you say it straight off. Some people may even make nasty remarks despite your politeness. So it's better to delete messages from people you think won't match with you and save you valuable time.


Responding to every message will also steal your attention from people who can potentially be the one for you. Choose smartly and use your gut feeling. If their message doesn't feel right or is just too lame for you, then don't bother replying. If someone caught your attention, make a quick scan of their profile, and if it still interests you then go start a conversation!

6. Have a proper online conversation

Before you think of meeting your online date in person, be sure that you both have built a comfortable relationship through your online conversations. But before this happens, what is your assurance that your first ever contact with them would go well?  Majority of the people over the internet don't just talk with anyone. If you're trying to pursue someone in an online dating site, don't miss your chance of making a good first impression with your icebreaker message.

How to start a conversation in online dating?

Stay away from lame messages and make your message stand out. But first, the number 1 thing to put in your mind when attempting to look for a date online is respect. Know that everyone you encounter deserves respect, and by that, you will avoid sending inappropriate messages.


To make sure your message gets his or her attention, try to gather some intel first. Skimming through their profile will give you an idea of their personality and what they may be passionate about. Knowing just these little bits of info is enough for you to formulate a message that you think might spark their interests. An example is starting with a question or a thought-provoking, funny message about the sport they play - which you knew about because of the picture they posted.

Keep the online conversation going

After overcoming the first steps of initiating a conversation, your effort shouldn't just stop there. You should keep the conversation going as long as possible. This may take extra effort since your means of communication is only online.


Always stay genuinely interested in your date. Ask open-ended questions and react to their answers - this will make them feel that you're excited by them. Do follow up questions to dig a little deeper - of course, your goal is also to know as much as possible about them. Just don't go too fast and stay light in the beginning. Asking serious questions early on might scare your date off.


After talking for a little while, and when you feel like both of you are more comfortable talking to each other, you can now get a bit flirty. Throwing in some compliments like you're cute will work. When you feel like the conversation is about to end, or it's both your bedtime and youve been talking all day long, ask when you can talk to them again because you had fun. This will give a feeling that you're interested in them.

7. Have a safe and proper first date

When meeting with a total stranger, it's best to be cautious when planning your date - better safe than sorry! It's best to do some research first - by this, I meant type their name into a search engine and other the social media accounts just to have a little insight about them.


When meeting, do it in a public space or neutral territory. Tell at least one trusted person who you are with and where you plan to go. Check in on them once in a while, too.


It doesn't have to be extravagant, in fact, it is best to keep your first date brief with a coffee or a drink. Keeping it low-key will help you get an accurate sense of your connection with them. This is the chance you can get a feel if they're still the same person as you thought them to be when talking online.


And lastly, one of the best advice to stay safe is always to trust your instincts! If something doesn't feel right, then do what you have to do to finish your date quickly.


It can be scary to date someone you've never met. But as long as you equip yourself with the right knowledge about online dating, stay true to yourself, and have fun, there should be nothing to worry about. You might just meet your one true love through this form of dating, who knows?

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