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Flower delivery to Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries

  Recently we have established a new service - now you can surprise your favourite lady by sending her flowers or gifts, flower and food baskets. You do not have to go anywhere - do it right from this site!

  To make an order, click the link “Send gift or flowers” (it appears on most women's profiles next to the link “Send message”).You can send gift or flowers

  You may give us a call if you cannot see that link or if you want to send something very special that you cannot find in our catalogue.

  Not every woman is ready to accept a present from a man, so you need to be attentive about that. The choice of possible gifts and prices for them depends on the local provider. Our network exists in a lot of cities and towns of Russia and other CIS countries, so we have plenty of representatives who set up the terms of delivery, the choice of presents and the prices. You may be sure that we offer you the best we can.

  It is no secret that we charge a little higher than some of the large florist networks on the Internet. But do not come to hasty conclusions. These networks offer really attractive prices, but in most cases they do not display some hidden fees, for example, the fees for delivery, for the card and the translation of it, for the photograph of the lady with the flowers or the gift. These fees may increase the overall cost considerably. On the other hand, we are open about our prices. What you see is what you pay. We take care about the quality of the bouquet, because you are our client and we want you to be satisfied with our service. Large florist networks rarely care about the quality of the flowers you order because you are a distant and usually a one-time customer.

  Since we care about our reputation, we deliver only the freshest flowers of the highest quality. Our prices include everything: delivery, the photograph and any other charges. There are no hidden fees, ever. We have a professional team which arranges the flowers in accordance with the occasion. We decorate flowers with baby breath, greens, and other appropriate things.

  Our price also includes a photo of the lady with the present or the flowers as she gets them. Of course, we can take a picture only if the lady agrees. In most cases we do not have any problems with that, but we cannot guarantee this service. The picture is then sent to your email address.

  A technical note: if you want to order a gift or a bouquet but find out that all of them are displayed as disabled, that means your balance in credits is too low to pay for that. Once you add more credits to the account, the items will be automatically enabled.

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