Talking To A Woman For The First Time on "Bride online from Russia"

The first big step in moving from an online relationship to one in the real world is talking on the phone for the first time. As a guy, you are probably going to be ready to take that step before your online match. With good reason, women approach online dating a bit more cautiously than men. Your best chance to talk to her on the phone and eventually meet her is to allow things to move forward at a pace she feels comfortable. You should be willing to take things slow and let her be in the driver’s seat. When you want to talk to her on the phone, simply let her know that you are willing to get her number from the agency when she is ready for your first phone call.

Conversation Topics Before your online match calls you on the phone, review her profile and your correspondence with her. Use the information from her profile and your correspondence to come up with a few conversation topics. Write down four or five friendly questions that you could ask her on the first phone call. If your conversation drags or you get a little flustered, you can use one of your questions to help get the conversation back on track.

Send An E-Mail After Your First Phone Call If you had a successful first phone call, before you go to bed, send her a short e-mail saying that you enjoyed talking to her. She will definitely appreciate it.

This message accomplishes several things:
1.It lets her know that you are still interested in getting to know her.
2.It terms of the next communication, it puts the ball in her court.
3.Her response will give you a sense of her level of interest.
4.It is the best way to help move the relationship forward without you looking pushy.

Talking on the phone for the first time with your online match is a big step toward meeting your match in person. Making sure she feels comfortable is the key to a successful first phone call.

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